Star Wars Galaxies Legends is launching a brand-new Wookiee treehouse for Life Day


When we were discussing our Best MMO Housing award last week, I joked to our team that I knew about an amazing housing addition being made in the genre this year, but it was under embargo, so we couldn’t talk about it. But we can now! It’s the Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends, which as of tomorrow’s holiday update will add a spectacular Wookiee treehouse to the game for players to live in.

Old-school SWG players might recall that in its last years online, SOE’s SWG also had a Wookiee treehouse, inspired by the architecture of Kashyyyk, of course. And you know, it wasn’t bad in its day. It was cute, even. But rather than just repurpose the existing treehouse and stuff it into the rogue server, the Legends team built a new one from scratch that is bigger, more detailed, and very much in line with the game’s housing emphasis. The team kindly gave us some images to show it off for this reveal:

This version of the treehouse is multi-story with multiple rooms branching out from its platforms and iconic rope bridges. The team tells us that players can acquire it starting using Life Day tokens, gathered in-game through the annual holiday festival’s quests. We don’t have final details on the footprint, lot requirement, or storage space just yet, but it won’t take players long to figure that out once it’s live.

We do know the price: It’ll cost a whopping 2100 Life Day tokens, which means if you don’t have any tokens squirreled away from past events, you’ll be busting a lot of Imperial or Rebel presents this year! And then, once the deed is in hand, players will be able to build it on Naboo, Rori, Dantooine, Corellia, and Talus. That excludes Tatooine and Lok, of the buildable planets; no, you can’t plop one of these (or anything else) on Kash or Endor, either.

“The team has always been disappointed with the original tree house and felt it doesn’t fit the SWG art style appropriately,” Legends lead developer Reign says. “The old treehouse also only used one texture throughout the house. We felt it could be done even better by our designers.” That also means that the old treehouse won’t ever make it into Legends, but the team has teased that in 2024, it’s aiming to add more houses – both brand-new buildings and some that have yet to surface from the original run.

Life Day festivities are set to begin tomorrow on December 8th.

Source: SWG Legends
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