Considering the ‘housing crisis’ in MMOs like Ultima Online, FFXIV, and EVE Online

MMORPGs with limited digital real estate for player housing such as ArcheAge and Ultima Online may be hurting rather than helping the overall game,...

LOTRO devs talk housing improvements and hook consolidation

Housing may not be at the forefront of Lord of the Rings Online's feature set, but believe it or not, there are some very...

Swords of Legends Online previews its floating house islands

Today's challenge when reading about Swords of Legends Online's housing is to not compare it to some other game where you had a floating...
Loack? Lode?

Fallout 76 launches its Locked & Loaded update

Today, Fallout 76 is ready to lock things and load other things, or possibly load something and then lock it when it's been loaded? That...
Airborne sylphic event.

Final Fantasy XIV turns housing demolition timers back on with its next major patch

Housing in Final Fantasy XIV has something of a problem insofar as there are only so many houses to go around and a lot of...
Fly free, too.

The Daily Grind: Isn’t it time to put an end to land rushes in MMORPGs?

When Final Fantasy XIV's 5.35 patch arrived this week, the hardcore XIV players on the Massively OP team had very mixed reactions. One triumphed...
Gimme that.

Fallout 76 invites players to jump on to the test server to build Shelters

It's almost time to head underground in Fallout 76 when it comes to building Shelters. This is the next major feature arriving for the game's...

Fractured outlines its plans for meaningful city selection in its next alpha test

In the most recent Fractured test, your goal for selecting a player-run city spot was just picking out a place you liked. That was...
Stored knowledge.

Final Fantasy XIV states more housing plots are on the way for patch 5.4

Back in March, Final Fantasy XIV's developers turned off the housing demolition timers due to the ongoing global pandemic, so no one has to...

LOTRO Legendarium: The pros and cons of Rohan housing

To my knowledge, this past week's Update 27.2 for Lord of the Rings Online may well be the biggest housing patch that's hit the...
How do we hide with all the glowy bits?

Albion Online explains the hideouts of Roads of Avalon

Hideouts? In my Roads of Avalon? It's more likely than you might think in Albion Online. Yes, players can definitely stake their claim to...

The fresh start server land rush for ArcheAge Unchained players begins tomorrow

Is there anyone out there who actually likes land rushes - that crazy of logging in and desperately scrambling to try to claim digital...

Not So Massively: I like survival mechanics, not survival games

When I played We Happy Few, one of the things that surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed the survival mechanics. I...

Massively on the Go: Animal Crossing’s housing islands from an MMO player’s perspective

One multiplayerish game that we've talked about a bit as the MOP team's been quarantined on the Golden Yacht is Animal Crossing: New Horizons....
Jenna playing ESO

It turns out that YouTube megastar Jenna Marbles is an Elder Scrolls Online junkie

Sometimes, our favourite things collide in weird and wonderful ways, and today is one of those days. At the time of writing, YouTube sensation...
Jazzy handy

Free Realms Sunrise rogue server readies beta, adds housing

For those missing Sony Online Entertainment's long-departed Free Realms, the only hope they've had has rested in the hands of a volunteer dev team...

You’re going to have to work to get a home in New World

If you've already called the movers to lug your stuff into New World when it (supposedly) launches this spring, you might want to reschedule....

Lord of the Rings Online starts testing new raid and Rohan housing

Hot on the heels of yesterday's rollout of Riders of Rohan on the progression servers, Lord of the Rings just started testing Update 25.4...

RIFT players sponsor an elaborate contest to build cave dimensions

Yesterday, we watched in bemusement as our piece about MMOs people want to play in 2020 blew up on Twitter, specifically with former RIFT...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most purposeful housing?

So this is a thing I've talked about before because I love me some MMORPG housing. Even a bad MMO with housing gets brownie...