The Daily Grind: Which MMOs offer great treasure hunting systems?


A post on Nomadic Gamers a few weeks back caught my eye because it was about treasure hunting in MMOs. Now listen, I don’t mean in the generic sense of going into a dungeon and killing some dudes and taking their stuff. I mean in the sense of treasure maps and adventure, either digging up buried chests or scouting through some sort of archaeological puzzle or even sailing the high seas in search of shipwrecks.

That last method is one of my favorite things to do in Ultima Online, which for all its age actually boasts not one but multiple types of treasure hunting systems as well as multiple skills to support them. You don’t just casually treasure hunt in that game; you need to level up your cartography skill to read the maps, lockpicking to open the chests, mining to dig up the treasure, and combat skills to actually fight off the mobs that show up to kick your butt when you do. Alternatively – and this was my favorite – you need a fisher character capable of sailing and hauling up treasure from shipwrecks.

Nomadic Gamers, of course, was talking about Wurm Online, and I can think of a few others – namely, Elder Scrolls Online’s antiquities system. Tell me more! Which MMOs offer great treasure hunting systems?

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