Ethyrial Echoes of Yore posts summer roadmap with server merges, player housing, and XP rescaling


With its reviews sinking into the blood-red “mostly negative” bin on Steam and its lead dev reducing his activity on the project, Ethyrial Echoes of Yore’s remaining team is apparently forging forward with development plans anyway.

Gellyberry Studio posted a roadmap in its Discord with its summer outlook; the team promises guild systems, class balancing, new monsters and camps, crafting and alchemy updates, new quests, and server merges for June; player housing, a raid, new servers, quests, camps, and lifeskill updates in July; and crafting recipes, quests, bounty hunting, and a rescaled XP table for August. It’s all rather ambitious for the indie game, which has been slowly losing players since its launch peak on Steam one month ago.

The most recent patch, meanwhile, addresses multiple issues, including a dupe bug, spawns, quivers, encrumbrance, and goblinoids.

Source: Steam, Discord
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