Whatever happened to the indie sandbox MMORPG Ethyrial Echoes of Yore?


Regular readers and genre fans are likely familiar with the fate of Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, the old school-styled indie sandbox MMORPG that launched into multiple problems like a server wipe, chaos involving players, the game, and its lead dev, and a whole bunch of angry gamers – all for a deeply unpolished game that sought subscription money.

As of our last reporting, developer Gellyberry Studios halted work on the game in July as a result of losing its publisher and reverted to a free-to-play “passion project,” while an angel investor bought a large enough stake in the game that he became a dev himself later that same month.

So what’s been happening since then? The studio checked in in August with a brief look at work on mounts, a new Arcane Summoner area, and onboarding a new dev to learn client patching, while the beginning of this month saw the servers migrate to the EU. In-between these major updates the MMORPG has gotten a pair of bug-fixing patches.

The vast majority of comms continue to be housed within the game’s Discord, with the latest post sharing next week’s patch features that include the addition of spellbooks, a new login screen, a reworking of tier three leather, and metal bar smithing now granting blacksmith skill XP rather than mining XP. The team is also working on adding new magic wand weapons that will work perfectly with the upcoming spellbook items.

A message from earlier this month further promised faster and more efficient development thanks to a refined game plan, so while patches appear to be happening only on a monthly basis, things are still ticking along. As for player sentiment, it still holds a mostly negative Steam score while Discord chatter so far appears to have calmed down a fair bit since.

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