Open Perpetuum tests Patch 29’s adjustments to mechs, items, and sudden onsets of fog


Open Perpetuum continues to motor forward with updates, though the upcoming Patch 29 is not quite as much of a barnburner as some of its more recent updates. Even so, it has some tweaks that players may want to know about.

This forthcoming update makes some buffs to the Scarab Mk1, Scarab Mk2, and Metis mechs; corrects a hitbox issue; moves the position of the starter artifact; improves certain Gamma drop rates for scientific wreckages; makes fog arriving more subtle instead of sudden; and introduces a feature to let devs log text chat.

Speaking of devs, the post closes with a shoutout to some new volunteers to the fan-made emulator, which has been necessary thanks to a noted new peak in overall interest in the MMO. As for Patch 29’s arrival, there’s no scheduled date yet, but it is currently in testing on the staging server and should go live sometime soon.

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