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Open Perpetuum is bringing land mines, new weapons, and T4 balancing sometime in ‘Marchish’

Markish your calendarsh because the Perpetuum emulator Open Perpetuum is going to be releasing Patch 31 sometime in "Marchish." When is Marchish? We're notsh...

Open Perpetuum tests Patch 29’s adjustments to mechs, items, and sudden onsets of fog

Open Perpetuum continues to motor forward with updates, though the upcoming Patch 29 is not quite as much of a barnburner as some of...

Open Perpetuum continues building up features, PvE gameplay, and functions of its Gamma Islands zone

Back in 2021 we noted a major revamp arriving to the Gamma Islands area of the fan-run Perpetuum emulator Open Perpetuum, with a full...

Open Perpetuum reworks the Gamma Islands area and outlines a three-phase release schedule

Open Perpetuum, the player-run and officially sanctioned emulator of the original sci-fi sandbox Perpetuum, is moving in to something of a major content release....

Player-run Open Perpetuum goes fully free-to-play on Steam

Care for a little free-to-play sandbox gaming? How about one where you are a robot in an open world? If you've been curious about...

Open Perpetuum targets boss camping with time limitations

Open Perpetuum's strongholds have proven to be a popular features for the sandbox MMO, but that doesn't mean that they're perfect. The volunteer dev...

Open Perpetuum players mark three years by blowing each other up as Patch 21 content is promised for April

Cast your minds back to about three years ago, when Perpetuum Online, aka EVE Online but Robots, was being shut down by developer Avatar...

Player-run Open Perpetuum builds its first ‘truly customized island and PvE experience’

If we are learning anything from observing what's happened to Perpetuum after the devs handed off the project to the community, it's that sometimes...
You put the gun on the robot and make it do a shoot.

Perpetuum’s community-run servers introduce the game’s newest robot class, the Destroyer

It's been more than two years since the Perpetuum community took over the operation of the science fiction game, and in that time the...

Player-run Open Perpetuum celebrates second birthday with new content and freebies

Way back in 2017, Perpetuum Online developer Avatar Creations announced it was closing the game because it could no longer afford to develop the...

It’s been a whole year since Perpetuum’s devs turned the game over to the community

Back in 2017, Perpetuum Online developer Avatar Creations gave up on the game, admitting it could no longer afford to develop the title given...

Perpetuum is back from the dead thank to the Open Perpetuum Project, all with the original developer’s blessing

One of the biggest losses to the MMORPG genre last year was sci-fi sandbox MMORPG Perpetuum Online. The Avatar Creations devs threw in the...

Perpetuum Online developer: MMO felt like a ‘no-win scenario’

At the end of the game's life, when the lights are going out and the developers drifting off to different positions, the most interesting...

Perpetuum to shut down official servers next week

Time is running short for robotic MMO Perpetuum Online -- but plans are moving forward to keep the game alive with a couple of...

Working As Intended: The MMOs we lost in 2017

It's true that we lost a lot of MMOs in 2016 -- bigger and more important ones than inĀ 2014 and 2015. 2017, however, has...

Perfect Ten: The biggest MMO stories of 2017

One thing you can say for the MMO industry: It never ceases to surprise all of us. No matter what predictions we may make...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs where you can live out your giant robot fantasies

Two years ago, NCsoft dealt a harsh blow to a certain subset of gaming fans when it canned the development of Project HON. This...
We could have planned better.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 134: You are my… Destiny

Justin and Bree discuss LOTRO, DDO, Guild Wars 2, Wander, ARK, Funcom, Destiny 2, Cloud Pirates, Perpetuum, EVE Lifeblood, Villagers & Heroes, and helping out with Harvey, with mailbag questions on favorite MMO moments and finding a good guild.

Perpetuum ends active development, eyes private servers

It's both an end and a beginning for Perpetuum Online. The team announced on September 3rd that it is no longer actively developing for the...

The MMOs of the Steam Summer 2017 Sale

After some ups and downs this afternoon -- everybody loves the "try again later" message, right? -- Valve's summer Steam sale is finally underway...