Open Perpetuum continues building up features, PvE gameplay, and functions of its Gamma Islands zone


Back in 2021 we noted a major revamp arriving to the Gamma Islands area of the fan-run Perpetuum emulator Open Perpetuum, with a full rebuilding of the area and a reconsidering of its rules and tactics. We’re checking back in now as the operators of the server have clued us in on the release of its final phase, which was hit with a pretty significant delay thanks to unexpected global events.

First, we’ll look back at Gamma Phase 2, which released as originally promised in November 2021. This release introduced promised PvE gameplay features including new mining lasers, over 300 NPCs, improved rewards for industrial operations and PvE in T0 islands, and the introduction of T4+ weapons and industrial modules exclusively through the Gamma Islands.

This now leads us to Phase 3, which has brought another redesign of the Gamma world, added the ability to terraform and build bases on T1 islands and up, and introduced a deployable temporary base in the form of a Syn-Tec Staging terminal. The update also has added a new Destroyer robot class to try and improve siege mechanics and opened up a high-end Sentinel island to test siege mechanics on. So while it has been some time since this emu got an update, it’s still clearly getting some sizeable ones.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2), thanks to Anton for the tip!
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