Perpetuum is back from the dead thank to the Open Perpetuum Project, all with the original developer’s blessing


One of the biggest losses to the MMORPG genre last year was sci-fi sandbox MMORPG Perpetuum Online. The Avatar Creations devs threw in the towel last fall, saying they could no longer afford to develop for the title given a lack of publisher and dwindling playerbase. While the company initially intended to keep the servers online, the expense was too great, and the database was moved to a semi-official private server in a last-ditch move at the turn of the year instead. The game was, for all intents and purposes, on its deathbed.

But there’s some good news and warm fuzzies this summer, as a tipster pointed us to a lone post on the game’s Steam page from a few weeks back: The community’s been given the go-ahead to continue the game and in fact launched a brand-new server a few months ago.

“The Open Perpetuum Project, a community run server and development initiative, has stepped up to host and develop features for their server for all players to enjoy,” Avatar writes in its heart-warming message.

“They have continued to improve, add, and grow the game in every aspect. The Open Perpetuum Project has already launched their server with a new island layout, rebalanced Robot factions and numerous changes they were preparing since the last days before the official shutdown. Just this last month they released Robot Paint! They are committed to deliver new and exciting content to the server for everyone to enjoy. The community and the project team welcome everyone to come and play!”

You can do just that on the new team’s official site. Thanks for leading by example, Avatar.

Source: Steam. With thanks to Voidstar!

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Thank you Massivelyop, the game is going well. Those new Dev’s involved have done an amazing job moving the game back to one worthy of playing. A big shout out to Avatar Creations as well, for not letting their hard work sink into the mists of time.

It is a complete rewipe and relaunch for all. With some old vet corps and new. The community is friendly and ever willing to help new players as well.

New content and re-purposed older assets have also been added. For those interested I have a link to the road map the Dev’s have released

The Road Ahead

Hope to see you in game

John Mclain

This was a truly great game at the beginning of development, I played this immensely and helped to form the game’s first major corp/alliance in closed beta. Menace to Society I think it was called. Met some great people in it, had some epic wars, slaughtered and even ransomed the goons when they tried to play. (Bit of old EvE rivalry.)

Sadly the game died for me officially when it went free2play, and started down a game-design slope I no longer enjoyed. Most of the veterans had already quit by then and the game was as good as dead financially so we all moved on.

Unlikely to come back and play unless this is some sort of total restart on how the game design went, but I still wish it well, several years of fond memories.


Nice to hear a happy ending to a usually sad story. Might hop on and clank around a bit.


Ok that’s pretty cool. I might check it out in the future once my current cycle of MMOs runs dry, since i remember having a relatively good time back when the game first came out.


Was it really that big of a loss? The game didn’t seem to garner more than a niche audience at best and from what I heard was basically Eve Online but with mechs. I vaguely remember playing it years ago and not really getting any strong desire to keep up with it.


Regardless of whether this was “that big of a loss” or not, the take-away for all companies is this: MMOs should never be shutdown, ever … if an on-line product is no longer supported by a company, they should issue a statement stating they are longer supporting anything to do with the game. Code should then be freed to the playerbase, allowing them to make their own private servers should they so desire.

Kudos to this team for keeping the game alive.

Rheem Octuris

Hmm, I will check it out, though I didn’t really care for the game when I played it years ago.