It’s been a whole year since Perpetuum’s devs turned the game over to the community


Back in 2017, Perpetuum Online developer Avatar Creations gave up on the game, admitting it could no longer afford to develop the title given a lack of publisher and dwindling playerbase. That led to plans to shut down the servers and a move to switch to semi-private servers. It wasn’t looking good no matter what.

But then, we found welcome respite, as Avatar granted the community permission to take the game and run with it, and it did just that in the Open Perpetuum Project.

That was a year ago, if you can believe it, and the player-led dev team behind that project is celebrating with an anniversary patch this coming weekend with gifts and bonuses. The devs note that they’re working on relics, loot splitting, respawns, NPCs, bosses, highways, and more.

And just for some perspective, over 3100 accounts were rolled up for this offshoot in the last year. Not too shabby at all.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Voidstar!
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