Player-run Open Perpetuum builds its first ‘truly customized island and PvE experience’


If we are learning anything from observing what’s happened to Perpetuum after the devs handed off the project to the community, it’s that sometimes players can do a better job of maintaining and updating an MMO that’s been all but abandoned.

The nearly three-year-old Open Perpetuum is still adding toys to its already impressive sci-fi sandbox. One of the latest additions is Open Perpetuum’s first “truly customized island and PvE experience” named The Sentinel. “The Sentinel is the latest in our Roadmap of content, namely the Strongholds: islands that provide an open-world dungeon-like PVE experience,” said the team.

The team hopes to be expanding upon its PvE Stronghold system with unique stories, purposes, goals, and bosses. To help with this, augmented modules are being added as boss drops that give special themed bonuses.

And feast your mind-pops on this upcoming content candy:

Source: Open Perpetuum, #2, #3. Thanks Voidstar!
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