TERA previews its fight against Gardan of the Ice

This be he

Who is Gardan of the Ice? Well, he might just be your new best friend in TERA, if you consider fighting against a very large man with a very large axe to be the foundation of friendship. If so, well… welcome to friendship central when the next patch arrives because Gardan has a very big axe that he will try very hard to introduce to your spine and torso. That means you’re bestest friends as he goes berserk and swings that axe around like it’s going out of style.

[AL:TERA]Of course, all this friendship comes with benefits like having new items to earn from successfully befriending Mr. Gardan (read: beating him senseless), chiefly materials for new gloves and footwear to match the armor and weapons from the prior patch. The next patch will also see etchings made permanent, with 30-day etchings made into a permanent version and 60-day etchings made into two permanent versions. Good news for your quest to befriend Gardan! He’d like to axe you a question.

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