The Daily Grind: How long is an ideal boss fight in an MMORPG?

I tend to have a bone to pick with World of Warcraft's boss fights, which is a bit of an issue when there are...
Fight this dude.

New World designers take players through the journey of designing a boss

How do you make a boss in New World? Specifically an AI boss, not any other meaning of the word. A new video features...

The Elder Scrolls Online walks players through the process of designing boss encounters

It's not about the boss arena, and it's not about the boss; in The Elder Scrolls Online, it's about both. A new article on...
Oh, yeah, that's titanic.

Frozen Flame adds rams, killable Titans, and new magic with its most recent patch

Here's the bad news about the Titans in Frozen Flame: Their mechanics and loot drops are still very much a work in progress. But...
This be he

TERA previews its fight against Gardan of the Ice

Who is Gardan of the Ice? Well, he might just be your new best friend in TERA, if you consider fighting against a very...

The Daily Grind: Do MMOs go overboard with particle effects?

There was an old joke among myself and some of my friends playing World of Warcraft about how it was convenient that bosses are...
Ain't no school like the old school.

The Daily Grind: Does bigger content in an MMO feel more epic to you?

The tradition of making big plot stuff happen in big groups is not unique to World of Warcraft, but it was one of the...
Mechanics include not having fangs to break.

Neverwinter details the boss encounters of Fangbreaker Island

Dungeons are defined in part by their mechanics, and a good chunk of that is usually the boss fights. The next high-end dungeon in...

Skyforge outlines the fight against Melegh in the D3 Distortion

The Reapers serve as low-level punching bags in Skyforge, but they're also capable of being higher-order threats as well. In the game's next major...
Well the first thing I do is MAUL SOME HIKERS (like a boss)

Gloria Victis patches in bosses and a larger world

The world of Gloria Victis has gotten larger with the most recent patch, a great deal of additional space available for players to tromp...
Power overwhelming.

WildStar details the ins and outs of its world bosses

There are lots of bosses out in the world of WildStar. They're larger, they're in charge, and they're designed for groups with two tanks,...
Black Desert

Here’s a look at the latest Black Desert open world boss battle

Want to see the newest Black Desert boss battle? Head to Steparu's site, as he's got video clips and screenshots of the new creature that...
The future is dragons, as is the present.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s Steps of Faith

It happened, just as expected. A day after I posted a lengthy column discussing Final Fantasy XIV's last big pre-expansion patch, that patch dropped, and...
Also, I really like a lot of the Iron Horde aesthetic, even if they've proven pretty ineffectual from a narrative standpoint.

This WoW boss fight is causing motion sickness

When you jump into a World of Warcraft raid, you're hoping to get some keen new armor, maybe a weapon or two, that sort...