Frozen Flame adds rams, killable Titans, and new magic with its most recent patch

Oh, yeah, that's titanic.

Here’s the bad news about the Titans in Frozen Flame: Their mechanics and loot drops are still very much a work in progress. But here’s the good news: You can definitely kill them with the game’s most recent patch. Yes, these gigantic weapons once used for defensive purposes are now decidedly in the “killable” category, so if you see something gigantic wandering around in the wilderness and your first instinct is to get a bunch of other people together to murder the heck out of it, your first instinct will now be rewarded.

Other additions with the latest patch include rams, so you can now have fun dealing with cute fluffy headbutt machines that will absolutely unload on you. There’s also new magic available for players to learn as well as a variety of new additions made to the game’s Ancient Valley, so there’s plenty to do even if you’d not necessarily going to be hunting down Titans. But you can hunt them down now. That’s the point.

Source: Steam

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6 months ago

What is it with goats headbutting people in games lately? Minecraft just added aggressive goats too. I assume it’s a meme, but outside of Goat Simulator I am clearly out of the loop. And I missed Goat Simulator being the fresh new meme by a couple of years.

6 months ago
Reply to  EmberStar

secret goat cabal

6 months ago

Are they gonna release this year?