WildStar details the ins and outs of its world bosses

Power overwhelming.

There are lots of bosses out in the world of WildStar. They’re larger, they’re in charge, and they’re designed for groups with two tanks, three healers, and lots of DPS. A new entry on the official site details how these bosses work, especially if you’d like to challenge them more frequently than their natural respawn timers would allow.

Each of the world bosses will naturally respawn after one or two days, but you can also force an earlier spawn via Progenitor Access Particles that are dropped by group-based enemies out in the world. The fights are also meant to serve as a ramp-up for players who have cleared dungeons reliably but haven’t yet made it up to full-on raiding, both in terms of complexity and rewards. Check out the full entry for more details on how to find and challenge these bosses.

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