world bosses

Check out the experience of fighting Bless Online’s world bosses

You wouldn’t think that you could have world bosses without instancing in this modern age of MMORPGs, but Bless Online manages to have exactly that setup. The key, as explained by Steparu, is that there are a certain number of slots available for players to fight the boss, available on a first-come first-served basis. That also means that players have every reason to engage in the age-old art of killing other players to make sure that they don’t get to kill the boss, which means that you might spend as much time fighting each other as the enormous beast.

Check out a video of the boss fight, which includes more than a few sudden death mechanics clearly designed to destroy unsuspecting or suspecting-but-unready players in an eyeblink. Steparu claimed to enjoy the whole “fighting other players” aspect more than actually fighting the boss; watch below and see whether you can’t wait to fight the bosses yourself.

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WildStar challenges players to hunt world bosses this weekend

WildStar‘s world bosses are big, ornery, and the general sort of thing that lots of players need to band together to defeat. Nothing wrong with any of that, obviously; they’re not called “world bosses” because they’re incidental to kill. So how would you like to strap on your best monster-hunting gear and go on a nice long hunt for those world bosses? Because that’s the event that’s running this weekend.

From January 7th until January 10th, players who help in taking down a world boss will earn a Shiny Token and a lockbox key, while creatures worldwide will have a (small) chance to drop a Shiny Token as well. Shiny Tokens can be used to purchase lockboxes which contain several random rewards, including new dyes and rewards. So why not start heading around the world and hunting every boss you can? Along with several friends, that is. Alone it’s a bit more difficult.


WildStar details the ins and outs of its world bosses

There are lots of bosses out in the world of WildStar. They’re larger, they’re in charge, and they’re designed for groups with two tanks, three healers, and lots of DPS. A new entry on the official site details how these bosses work, especially if you’d like to challenge them more frequently than their natural respawn timers would allow.

Each of the world bosses will naturally respawn after one or two days, but you can also force an earlier spawn via Progenitor Access Particles that are dropped by group-based enemies out in the world. The fights are also meant to serve as a ramp-up for players who have cleared dungeons reliably but haven’t yet made it up to full-on raiding, both in terms of complexity and rewards. Check out the full entry for more details on how to find and challenge these bosses.