Tomorrow’s Lord of the Rings Online patch notes appear to include the Mariner class itself


Standing Stone Games is being weirdly cagey about its release schedule for Lord of the Rings Online’s Corsairs of Umbar, but if our guess is correct, we’re finally getting preorders for the expansion tomorrow. That guess is based on patch notes for update 37.2, which came out today and appear to include the Mariner itself – that’s the swashbuckling new class that was meant to come alongside the expansion.

“Mariners are confident melee fighters who wield swords deftly to challenge the forces of evil. Mariners have an innate sense of the flow of combat, and use their balance to adjust their fighting style to best fit the moment. Mariners also know how to use combinations of individual movements to create powerful skill chains. In fellowships, Mariners can use shanties to coordinate and motivate their allies, as well as craft strange concoctions to confound and disrupt foes.”

It’s reasonable to conclude that the expansion preorders will launch tomorrow, unlocking the Mariner with this patch for those who buy in early, but we don’t know for sure just yet. The notes also include several other class tweaks and fixes for the long-delayed Forester event.

The patch notes are capped off by an expansion slide for the Corsairs of Umbar expansion, which we’ve been assuming won’t be out until November, along with a “more information releasing on Tuesday” note.

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