Genfanad explains how character equipment changes the playable cards in its TCG combat model


Readers are likely familiar with Genfanad’s wholesale rework of its combat model from dice rolls to TCG card gaming, with developer Rose-Tinted Games discussing the overall mechanics of the feature, including managing an equipment deck. That function still needed a bit more of a focused explanation, which is the purpose of the latest dev blog.

Every time a character changes gear, the cards in the equipment deck generate automatically based on what is worn, with cards changing based on the quality level of an item as well as the kind of weapon or armor equipped. Equipment cards are classed in five different archetypes – attack, defense, strength, ranged, and sorcery – allowing players to mix and match and create their own distinct combat focus, whether it’s hard-hitting aggression, survivability, or precise strikes.

There will be a few restrictions to bear in mind, such as certain cards being accessible only with a high enough defense level, but the system otherwise looks to add a new strategy wrinkle for players to ponder when building out their card-slinging adventurer.

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