Kickstarted MMORPG-turned-TCG Genfanad gives up, will sunset April 30

ArcheAge isn't the only MMORPG announcing a sunset this week: Kickstarter success Genfanad is apparently closing its doors too. Genfanad is a browser-based nostalgia-driven indie...

Genfanad dates closed beta testing of its card game combat revamp for October 20

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been chronicling Genfanad's decision to revamp its combat model into a card game-based system known as the...

Genfanad explains how character equipment changes the playable cards in its TCG combat model

Readers are likely familiar with Genfanad's wholesale rework of its combat model from dice rolls to TCG card gaming, with developer Rose-Tinted Games discussing...

Genfanad elaborates on trading card combat conversion and its effects on crafting and social features

Last month, old school-inspired MMORPG Genfanad decided to trade in its behind-the-scenes dice roll combat model for a trading card game-styled deckbuilder instead -...

Genfanad is swapping out its classic MMORPG combat model with a TCG deckbuilder instead

The old-school-styled indie MMORPG Genfanad was always something of a unique duck in our genre, but Rose Tinted Games' next major update is going...

Indie MMO Genfanad aims to shore up combat and more ahead of Steam launch

Kickstarted indie MMO Genfanad dropped a dev blog last night describing its new philosophy for development going forward. Readers will recall that the game...

Genfanad admits to design missteps and outlines plans to correct them through this year

According to a recent developer blog from Rose Tinted Games, Genfanad is in need of many corrections - an assessment that we ourselves made...

Genfanad makes changes to the town of Skal and introduces jewelry items

The retro-styled MMORPG Genfanad wants to give you a ring. And a necklace. And earrings. And shinier amulets. That is to say that the...
Up (to) date.

Genfanad adds a new quest, new enemies, and new balance fixes

Please be advised that if you collect action figures, you are collecting dolls. Does this mean that you should put your Batman figures, Transformers,...

Choose My Adventure: Genfanad is ‘nostalgic’ in almost all of the wrong ways

I don't envy any development team that wants to make something that's "nostalgic." Making a game that hearkens back to predecessors or a time...

Genfanad adds more bank space and other quality-of-life features in latest update

This past weekend saw the browser MMORPG Genfanad put out a new patch - the game's seventh since its launch in September - that...
Boredom ensues.

Genfanad’s first post-launch update brings new areas, tweaked XP rates, and quality-of-life features

Now that Genfanad, the Kickstarted indie MMO from developer Rose-Tinted Games, has made it to full release, the game now moves into the obvious...

Kickstarted indie MMO Genfanad will formally launch on September 27

MMO players are uncomfortably comfortable with the idea that Kickstarter MMOs linger in unfinished states for years, but that will not be the fate...

Indie MMORPG Genfanad’s $20K Kickstarter is fully funded, beta begins next month

A month ago, browser-based indie MMO Genfanad opened a modest Kickstarter - and as of this morning, it's fully funded. Developer Rose Tinted Games has...

Make My MMO: Indie MMO Genfanad already made its Kickstarter goal

Browser-based MMORPG Genfanad is having a great month, as it began its Kickstarter and almost immediately funded. Of course, it's asking for only $10,000,...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Betawatch: Diablo Immortal launches whilst reaching for your money

Huey Lewis famously sang in 1985 that you didn't need a credit card to ride this train. He did not, however, say that you...

‘Nostalgic’ browser MMORPG Genfanad opens its Kickstarter, immediately hits its $10K ask

Last year we reported on Genfanad, a self-described "nostalgic browser-based MMORPG" that promised to mesh old-school sandbox MMORPG sensibilities with an off-beat sense of...

Betawatch: Elyon leaves beta for launch

Elyon slipped the surly tides of beta this week by leaping into a rather subdued launch, but a respectable one: Ahead of the weekend,...
Travels of booking

Betawatch: Book of Travels begins teasing early access, again

In the long saga of Book of Travels doing almost everything other than actually entering its promised early access state, this week marked an odd...

Browser MMO Genfanad plans an alpha event for September, pushes off Kickstarter

Back in July, we covered a new-to-us browser-based MMORPG called Genfanad, and if you remember anything about it, it's probably the concept art of...