Make My MMO: Indie MMO Genfanad already made its Kickstarter goal


Browser-based MMORPG Genfanad is having a great month, as it began its Kickstarter and almost immediately funded. Of course, it’s asking for only $10,000, which will “fund the last leg of development and polish the game for release,” with additional perks and content if players drive up the tally for stretch goals. We’ll be keeping an eye on it through the end of June.

Meanwhile, RuneScape’s board game Kickstarter blasted past $1M, Temtem got a September 6th launch date, Dual Universe began its countdown to release, Legends of Aria is leaving Steam before it can be yeeted off, Zenith is prepping to launch Celestial Throne, and Elite Dangerous rolled out Odyssey patch 12.

Read on for more on what’s been up with MMO crowdfunding over the last few weeks, plus our roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’re following!


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RuneScape Kingdoms board game

Campaigns and crowdfunded MMOs we’re watching

Holy crap it launched Holy crap it launched
It's launched, kinda It semi-launched?
In the development dungeons In development
It's dead, Jim Dead or abandoned
Drama bomb


Yes, some crowdfunded MMOs most definitely do succeed. But others crash and burn, and you need to hear about the whole spectrum of games that sought your money early in exchange for the promise of input and transparency. And that’s exactly what Make My MMO does several times a month. Help us keep ’em accountable, would ya?
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