Fractured Online’s closed beta just got a major chat upgrade


Fractured Online is continuing along in its always-on closed beta with a fresh patch after maintenance today. At the heart of this update is… talking. No really, it’s a chat upgrade, and apparently, the game really needed it.

“We’ve heard you loud and clear and we’re happy to deliver the highly requested chat upgrades to Fractured Online!” Dynamight Studios says. “Three new global chat channels have been introduced: Trade, Recruit and Help. Additionally, you will now be able to create your own chat categories and decide which channels you receive in each category. This is done by selecting a category and clicking on the gear icon next to the name.” By default, that’s general, local, trade, help, party, and guild – pretty standard fare for MMO players.

The patch also adds a new role for city government, tweaks the pop-up that appears when you’re knocked out, retools poison and bleeding mechanics, offers much-needed fixes to stealth, improves looting multiple corpses, adds new sound effects, and provides a small rebalance for everything from spells to armor.

Source: Patch notes
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