Book of Travels decides to get granular about bug fixes in a new Steam sub-forum

Lot of oh no, but maybe that's to be expected.

Last month, tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels saw fit to call in help to fix its tech issues as part of the team’s ongoing efforts to shore up the game. Regrettably, the latest Kickstarter update doesn’t have any major developments to share on that front, but the devs at Might & Delight would like to show those who are knowledgeable about bug fixing their work.

The post effectively announces a new sub-forum on Steam that lists out some more technical details of fixes and adjustments being made. The forum to this point has three such updates, with more promised to arrive on a (mostly) weekly basis. “We’ve discussed ways to still give small signs of life and indications of what kind of work is being done and at some point it was suggested that we talk more openly about what tech work our programmers are up to,” the post explains.

For those who are tech savvy, the sub-forum will possibly provide some insight into M&D’s bug fixing progress. For everyone else, the Kickstarter post states that “good progress” is being made and that the team is optimistic that improvements should be arriving soon-ish.

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