EverQuest II’s first annual Summer Jubilee merges three summertime events into one seasonal soiree


If you enjoy EverQuest II’s summer events, then you’ll probably be a fan of the game’s new annual Summer Jubilee, which will combine Tinkerfest, the Scorched Sky Celebration, and the Oceansfull Festival into one season-long party starting on Thursday, June 2nd, and running all the way to Wednesday, August 24th.

While all three of the above summer festivals are being merged into the Jubilee, each individual event will be running at certain spans of time between June and August. All three events will share some common goodies like parades and merchants for live servers, and Copper Jubilation Medals that can be earned on both live and TLE servers. These Medals can be used to purchase a host of goodies like home decor, new pets, and new musical instruments.

The Jubilee will also let players get a free pair of Golden F’Aestival Bracers, which will see their base stats ramp up the more Jubilee events players take part in. Getting the item is simply a matter of logging in at the start of Tinkerfest, then completing the Innovation: Tinkerer’s Trial event dungeon six times to earn some improved stats. As the Jubilee moves on, more event participation will mean more stat boons, and while players will be able to get some bracers at the start of Scorched Sky and Oceansfull, they will miss out on the previous event’s stat-boosting activities.

For EQII players ready for a full calendar quarter’s worth of fun, the announcement post has all of the salient details including the aforementioned bracer stats as well as dates for each summer event.

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