Crowdfunding begins for action combat sandbox MMO Oath


Hello from the land of grand promises and positively roiling cynicism that is Kickstarter! Today we’re casting a quick spotlight on Oath, an all new sandbox MMORPG that has hitched itself to an action combat model as a primary feature.

Oath comes by way of Ready-Up Studios, a team of five developers that hopes to increase its workforce should the game’s crowdfunding drive go well. The title is a free-to-play sandbox built using Unreal Engine 4 and SpatialOS. According to the game’s FAQ, the devs behind Ready-Up are apparently colleagues with some unspecified experience under their belt.

“Heyo! Our current game programmers both recently have worked at one of the biggest video game publishing/developing companies in Europe for many years. They are both full time on Oath now. We also have 1 web programmer and 1 sysadmin, those two both are working part time for Oath. All met throughout their careers.” -Ethan

Oath features seven classes in the form of Berserker, Pyromancer, Rogue, Guardian, Knight, Ranger, and Cryomancer with more planned later. Most of the game’s activities seem to be PvE focused with dungeons, raids, and other group-focused content promised. The goal is to make an MMO where grouping is necessary in the interest of making a “community based game.” PvP will be in the game as well, with arena modes including 1v1, 2v2, and CTF, along with promise of modes unique to Oath.

The devs behind Oath are asking for $35k — the “lowest possible amount” needed to get the title to beta. Funding will be aimed at content creation, including 3D models, icons, maps, and UI. That said, Oath has already built a core game that can be shown in action. That action can be seen in the video below, while more details can be learned on the Kickstarter page or at this FAQ.

sources: Kickstarter, official site, thanks Ellis for the tip!

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We will be moving away from the cartoony style shown in the Kickstarter video and will instead be creating assets much more higher quality than what has been showcased

Too bad I like the cartoony style and that “moving away from the cartoony” style will be a huge money sink.

Also My other concern is the lack of MMo experience info. You can make pretty stuff, cool animations, and so on but the hard stuff is things like skill balance, economy, money sinks, progression, player freedom.
Just look at Albion they tried to make a sandbox and they failed, their lack of experience made a game full of artificial progression with some pseudo sandbox elements.

P.s: I dont wanna see another Tale of Toast fail miserably.


With all the fatigue kickstarter has experienced its hard to see anything funding successfully(among mmos at least) till at least something big(like SC) delivers. A pity cause among the (many) misses we got some good games through it too.

For Oath in specific initially at least doesnt impress me. Also I would love to start seeing again some mmos with casual or turn based combat system too. I dont why but devs seem to follow trends which ends up in very similar games. We need variety


A lot of the “Kickstarter fatigue” has to do with the fact that some games (e.g. CU) have taken farrrrrrrrrrrrr longer than anyone would have reasonably expected, and other games under-deliver.

I funded Oath $25.

They’re targeting Dec 2019 for Beta, and that’s near-enough gratification for me.

Ryan Deal

This right here. Most games go to Kickstart and are not even 1% done. The reality is games take years to make from scratch. An MMO can take a triple A company 5 years or more to make. Small indie devs have a habit of making a fancy mock game trailer and then asking for money. It seems in this case, Oath already has the base done or at least claims to. That base is easy to build off of and they most likely want money to pay for third party developments. This is how kickstart should work. Don’t forget too a lot of games have actually released from KS and a lot of them are very good.


They got Oath to that state in mere 8 months, how many MMO devs has got their MMO to alpha state in that time ? :P


Given the current trend, unless they get a large swarm of backers it doesn’t look like it will make the goal. Obviously this is only based off the amount they got in their first day and it may increase but otherwise it wont.


I funded it.

I like the combat mechanics, and I appreciate that the developer built out the core engine before asking for funding.

IronSalamander8 .

Kickstarter is an odd and fascinating place. Two of my kickstarted board game projects: Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea and Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3 just got delivered over the last couple of weeks and the new Toejam and Earl game codes about a month ago or so but then some projects were like the terrible situation of the Doom that came to Atlantic City and that sand game (the name eludes me) that was a carbon copy of the very successful Rising Sun by CMON games.

None of the things I’ve backed have had serious issues (barring slow shipping and manufacturing of the miniatures for the board games), but one must indeed be wary of what you invest in on the platform.

This is not meant as an attack on this dev team, I don’t know about them beyond this article, this is a general KS thing.