Ilysia VR launches Kickstarter, vows to bring back ‘the glory days of MMORPGs’


Several years now into the latest virtual reality “revolution,” we’ve yet to see many breakout hits on the platform — nevermind the promised MMOs that seemed suited to the tech. Other than Orbus VR and a handful of other side projects, VR isn’t the next big thing for MMOs.

So far.

Ilysia is hoping to change that. Team 21 Studio is running a Kickstarter to fund the project, vowing that the game will let players “experience the glory days of MMORPGs again.” The game has a slight stylized look to it, offering players the opportunity to go climbing, pet battling, exploring, fighting, and crafting. It looks like a very traditional MMO, just in a VR format, with flexibility to support standing, sitting, and roomscale play.

Team 21 Studio is developing Ilysia for Oculus Quest, PCVR, VIVE, and PlayStation VR, and the game is currently in pre-alpha. So far the Kickstarter has gone well, with the project already crossing its $60,000 minimum and heading into stretch goal territory.

The VR firm also has a worthwhile side project: “While working on Ilysia, Team 21 Studio also worked with the Paralyzed Veterans of America to develop VR software to aid in rehabilitation for both paraplegics and quadriplegics. We plan to continue this work as our company grows and expands.”

Source: Kickstarter

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This looks absolutely awful. Someone needs to tell these devs that VR games don’t have to look like they came from the PS1 era anymore.


VR with graphics from 2004? Oh well, I don’t think I really would be able to wear the VR goggles long enough to play much anyway.

Kickstarter Donor

Well, it’s good to know they have unrealistic expectations from the start, at least. Negativity out of the way, though, that side project sounds like it’s incredible work, and I wish them the best on both fronts.