Official Site: OrbusVR
Studio: Ad Alternum
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: MMO Sandbox
Business Model: B2P
Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Whatever happened to the VR MMORPG OrbusVR?

The beginning of this year saw the VR MMORPG OrbusVR herald a year-long fifth anniversary celebration, which would normally be cause for a studio...

VR MMO OrbusVR celebrates its fifth anniversary with a year-long series of events and boosts

Five years of operation is meritorious for any MMORPG, but it certainly seems like an even bigger milestone for the VR MMO OrbusVR. That...

OrbusVR hosts its fourth harvest festival this month, prepares another chaos realm for late November

OrbusVR might be flying under the wider MMO radar, but it most certainly is continuing to fly if the game's last dev blog is...

OrbusVR opens the chaotic and tentacle-filled K’tula’s Cove dungeon

You just know you're in a chaos-filled location when everything is covered in tentacles, eyeballs, and the color purple. Also when you're assaulted by...

Tales from the Holodeck: Virtual reality is best as a gaming machine, not as a portal to the metaverse

Welcome to a new column here on MassivelyOP! Tales from the Holodeck was inspired by a couple of things: my purchase of a VR...

OrbusVR’s newest update introduces a revamped player house and tutorial

The latest patch to OrbusVR isn't adding too much new exactly, but what it is adding includes some revamps to existing features, so it's...

OrbusVR shows off its improved player housing

Your house (in OrbusVR) is a very very very fine house (fine house). It's getting even finer with the game's next patch, which may or...

Virtual reality MMO OrbusVR: Reborn kicks off spring festival, will revamp housing next month

Don't tell MOP's Chris, but he'll soon have something new to look at on his Oculus Quest 2 in the form of OrbusVR: Reborn's...

Choose My Adventure: Exploring VR MMO Zenith with my hands

Zenith is a bit interesting in terms of being a game for exploration. On the one hand, there are methods and means where I...

OrbusVR plans new tutorials, chaos realm dungeons, and new missions and quests in the first half of 2022

VR MMO OrbusVR is looking to keep itself and its players busy through this year. A new roadmap for the first half of 2022...

OrbusVR recaps 2021 and rolls out Temple of Ma’at battleground

2021 was a pretty busy year for OrbusVR. The devs of the VR MMORPG have taken a moment to look back at the game's...
Hey, my name is Glen?

OrbusVR prepares for the Festival of Strangers and another world boss

The Festival of Strangers has been running for the past several years in OrbusVR, but let's be realistic... it seems as if there might be...

OrbusVR’s latest patch adds legendary shard cosmetics and overworld buildings with new quests

Nothing says world-wandering hero like a squirrel tail, a horned helmet, and a pet cat at your side. These are just some of the...

OrbusVR introduces new character creation options and brings back the Fall Festival

The autumn season has come back to VR MMO OrbusVR as the game's latest update has brought back the Fall Festival for another year....

The MOP Up: Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff moves into houses

Swords 'n Magic and Stuff is constructing its housing update this month on September 17th! The devs talked about the Farm 'n Forge update...

VR MMO Orbus previews next week’s Highsteppe revamp

VR MMO Orbus has a big patch coming next week, when the Highsteppe map and the hub town of Patreayl will get a full...

OrbusVR plans Highsteppe release and new content updates through 2021

Are you looking forward to what's next in the VR MMORPG OrbusVR? Then you'll definitely want to take a moment to look at this...

OrbusVR releases a new trailer to showcase the MMO’s features

How long is long enough before your MMORPG should have an updated trailer? Two years seems to be enough time for OrbusVR, as the...

Make My MMO: Crowfall is one of the biggest crowdfunded MMOs to ever fully launch

This week in crowdfunded MMOs, we celebrate the official launch of one of the biggest crowdfunded MMOs: Crowfall, which originally raised $2.3M between Kickstarter...

OrbusVR is going fishing for the game’s summer festival as the devs fix bugs and improve voice chat

It's just virtual you, your virtual fishing pole, and the virtual bounty of the virtual sea in OrbusVR's summer festival, which recently went live....