OrbusVR is going fishing for the game’s summer festival as the devs fix bugs and improve voice chat


It’s just virtual you, your virtual fishing pole, and the virtual bounty of the virtual sea in OrbusVR’s summer festival, which recently went live. As one would expect from the lede, there’s plenty of fishing to be had as players are being tasked with helping the Fisherman’s Guild bring in its haul. Players will naturally get rewarded for taking part, with a new Surfer mount and a Fishy Plaque decor item along with a new colorful version of the Festival Cape item.

The game’s latest newsletter further elaborated on specific bugs that the devs have recently squished and improvements made to the MMO. Players can guess who is talking in a group voice chat thanks to a loudness meter, a fix to server-wide bombs and notifications, and other “invisible bug fixes” that weren’t elaborated upon. In the near future, players can look forward to a makeover of Highsteppe, but for the time being there’s fish to catch.

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