VR MMO OrbusVR celebrates its fifth anniversary with a year-long series of events and boosts


Five years of operation is meritorious for any MMORPG, but it certainly seems like an even bigger milestone for the VR MMO OrbusVR. That importance is not lost upon the game, as it’s effectively using all of 2023 to celebrate with several events, goodies, and boosts.

All through this year, players can experience extra loot luck, 5% more XP earnings, and 5% faster mounts, while legendary drop rates have been temporarily boosted in the open world and shard dungeons. Even so, the devs warn against farming for legendaries, as rare drops are still extremely rare regardless.

The year-long party will also be marked by an updated anniversary quest that will be broken up into three phases. Each phase of the quest offers unique pet dragon rewards and players who complete all three phases will get a unique Rupert pet. The first phase is on now, while phases two and three are scheduled to arrive in the spring and summer seasons respectively, with each successive phase remaining online as the year progresses.

Finally, players can log in to get an exclusive anniversary hat and cape, look forward to several community events in-game, and look over some stats trivia of player activities from 2017 to now. It’s a whole big party and everyone is invited.

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