OrbusVR plans Highsteppe release and new content updates through 2021


Are you looking forward to what’s next in the VR MMORPG OrbusVR? Then you’ll definitely want to take a moment to look at this update roadmap post, which lines up the content headed to the game for the remainder of this year.

Starting things off will be the addition of Highsteppe on Tuesday, August 31st, along with a new look for the main hub town of Patreayl and a couple of new side questlines. After that, early fall will bring some more character customization options, and the Fall Festival will make a comeback in early October, promising skeletons and ghouls to fight, a seasonally appropriate terrain change, and some new themed rewards to collect. Later in the fall, the game will cycle out old legendary overworld drops for new ones, as well as a new world boss.

From there, players can look forward to a new battlegrounds map that will replace the current arena map sometime in the fourth quarter of 2021, additional long-term missions near the end of the year, and the return of the Winter Festival event. And of course, the rest of 2021 will see more class-specific bug fixes come down the pike. Overall, it looks like the remainder of 2021 has plenty to look forward to.

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