TitanReach adds new items and critters, updates its launcher, and sells alpha access for a limited time


There have been a couple of smaller patches applied to TitanReach. So small, in fact, that the notes for both were shared on the same post. That said, there are things of importance to call attention to, such as the addition of three unique “design an armor” sets along with a Founders Armor and Golden Cape; the addition of Lava Fox, Blood Hound, Storm Cat, and Mystic Squirrel creatures; a new launcher update that is necessary for players to hop into the game; and a variety of fixes to things like the minimap, player trading, and more.

In other TitanReach news, the game has opened up alpha access packs to the store for a limited time. Between now and Tuesday, October 5th (adjusting for AEST), players can purchase one of three bundles, each with closed alpha access, subscription time, and various goodies depending on the pack. These packs are sold for 50, 70, or 100 Credits — the game store’s funny money, which has to be bought first before purchasing packs can be done. If you really want to play the game’s closed alpha and those hoops aren’t too much on fire for you, now you can make the jump.

Readers will recall that TitanReach ran a failed $430,000 US Kickstarter last year, then announced plans for a fixed-funding Indiegogo that never materialized in spite of its claim that its funding situation was dire. Instead, the studio released a flexible-funding storefront, followed by drama over a stealth-retracted statement about working conditions and worker pay. It began $70-turned-$38 early access back in March and took the limited-time early access free-to-play route earlier this month; Square Root says it has 16 developers now working on the title ahead of its projected 2022 launch.

source: official site (1, 2)
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