Indie MMO TitanReach’s free-to-play access is live — for a limited time


TitanReach, an indie MMO with an ambition to marry old and new school design together, may have been out of your financial reach with its previous $70 and then $38 early access price tag. Fortunately, now the cost has been reduced to $0 for anyone who wants to peek a head into the test.

As of August 1st, TitanReach is now free-to-play — until the closed alpha test begins. There’s been hope that the title can rise above funding issues and other controversies involved with its early access program, and certainly getting a lot more people into the test is a good way to expand the game’s reach into the wider MMO community.

“That means anyone with an account on the TitanReach website will be able to play for free until the closed alpha begins,” the studio explained. “This will not only open the game up to a lot more people but allows those of you who have supported us but didn’t have the financial means to play the game.”

Source: TitanReach
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