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MMO Week in Review: Franchise revivals for EverQuest and EVE Online

It's been a big week for gaming thanks to Unity's self-owns and the UK's preliminary approval of the Activision-Blizzard buyout - and a big...

‘Romantic gold rush’ MMO Annex rebrands as Pioneers of New Dawn, plans fourth quarter alpha testing

This past November we all got word of a new post-apocalyptic survival MMO known as Annex, which is being developed by indie studio Arctic...
Yeah, we're boned.

The MOP Up: MapleStory rebuilds the legendary guild castle

MapleStory broke out the second part of its two-part summer Savior update which is "packed with a new mystical land to discover, a new...

MMORPG sandbox BitCraft concludes pre-alpha, looks forward to closed alpha

BitCraft has been on our radar for a good while now as a solid sandbox MMORPG from legitimate devs who have eschewed any semblance...

The Magic to Master mess devolved into DMCA abuse as Laniatus promises launch ‘regardless of Kickstarter’

We've been trying real hard not to have to write about this game again, but here we are back touching base on the Magic...

Sci-fi shooter ARC Raiders expands its scope and genre to include survival-style PvPvE

If you heard the initial announcement of ARC Raiders back in 2021 and quickly dismissed the game for being nothing more than a PvP...

Medieval fantasy MMO Past Fate beefs up early game and optimization

As it heads toward early access later this year, the freedom-happy medieval fantasy MMO Past Fate is keeping things spicy with both increased promotion...
Oh, this one.

Interview: Spellcraft’s game director on the first public alpha and its intense gameplay

A good weekend is in store for anyone who loves to play the latest, hottest, fresh-off-the-press-est multiplayer games the moment they pop up. That's...

Multiplayer survival sandbox Frozen Flame launches survival mode ‘open beta’ today

It's a release day of sorts for survival MMO Frozen Flame, as it launches its survival mode into what it's calling "open beta," though...

Frozen Flame previews its upcoming survival mode with cataclysmic events

With a closed alpha test starting tomorrow, early access MMO Frozen Flame is bound to be drawing some attention this season. While it has...

Early access MMO Frozen Flame preps March closed alpha to test PvP and survival mode

Should an early access game hold a closed alpha? It's probably too late by the time you've paid for it, right? Well, maybe Dreamside...

Waven continues hotfixes and improvements in its closed alpha with delayed English notes

Salut, mes copains! Comment ca va aujourd'hui? We really hope that sentence made sense to you, otherwise trying to figure out what's been changed...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding stories of 2022

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP's column keeping track of all the crowdfunding MMOs in our genre. Last year, the...

Victorian gaslamp multiplayer PvE sandbox Nightingale teases travel in new Game Awards trailer

We've had an eye on Inflexion Games' multiplayer survival sandbox Nightingale since its debut last year - in fact, it was meant to hit...

Steampunk survival Nightingale wraps up second closed alpha test, confirms fishing is coming

As Nightingale studio Inflexion Games prepares to break for the holiday, it released an end-of-year video summing up the recent Closed Alpha 2 test...

Past Fate triples resources, continues zone development, and frees crafters from stations

Tell us if you've been in this position before: You're deep in the wilds of Past Fate, hoovering up resources like you're a wood-hungry...

Aska is a ‘multiplayer Viking survival tribe builder’ entering single-player closed alpha November 22

I seem to recall a conversation in the MOP office chat where we were talking about MMO settings and someone remarking that Viking is...

Nightingale discusses its first closed alpha, character progression, and building system in new video

If seeing Nightingale reference its realm card mechanic for the umpteenth time has gotten to you, then you'll be happy to note that the...

Global Chat: Landing boots on WoW Classic’s Wrath shores

With WoW Classic's Wrath expansion officially out, plenty of veterans of the Northrend Wars of '08 returned for another tour of duty. Among these...

SEED shares information about the features and focus of this week’s playtest

Starting today, the colony builder MMO SEED is starting the first of its remaining playtests for this year, but just what will this test...