Tombstone is a 2-D pixel art MMO set in a western futuristic post-apocalypse set to release this year


Last December one of the MMOs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of that we covered was Tombstone MMO, a pixel art 2-D MMO where players explore a post-apocalyptic world that has flooded due to climate change. The game was described as a mesh between Fallout and RuneScape and was in its second closed alpha with no launch timetable on hand.

It looks as if things have moved forward for indie developer Well Bucket, as the game is now on Steam with a projected launch window of sometime in December of this year. The Steam page also provides a few more details about the MMO, noting that “[q]uests are scarce, your choices leave a meaningful impact on your character and the world around you, and you can navigate the game at your own discretion.”

The gameplay loops as originally stated are still there though, with two islands to explore (a starter island and a significantly larger main landmass), 24 skills to learn, three different combat styles, and crafting and gathering professions. Naturally this Steam page opening means wishlisting is also possible for those who want to keep their eyes on the title.

source: Steam
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