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Tombstone is a 2-D pixel art MMO set in a western futuristic post-apocalypse set to release this year

Last December one of the MMOs You've (Probably) Never Heard Of that we covered was Tombstone MMO, a pixel art 2-D MMO where players...

Lasuni is a 2-D browser-based free-to-play MMO that’s eyeing a return in 2024

Yes, you read that headline right; this is the story of a re-launch, though it's also about an MMORPG that you may not have...

Pixadom is an indie 2-D pixel art MMORPG that focuses on social gameplay

The MMORPG subreddit is once again gracing genre followers with another indie game introduction. This time it's Pixadom, an in-development cutesy and colorful 2-D...

Duel Revolution is an indie Pokemon-like MMORPG for PC and mobile that’s currently in open beta

Are you looking for another Pokemon-styled MMORPG but aren't really keen on the currently available option? Then perhaps you should aim your critter catching...

Plunder Scourge of the Sea is a pirate-themed open world survival MMO

It would be easy to dismiss this latest in-development indie MMO as "Atlas at home," but we'll try not to be reductive to either...

PvPvE ‘MMO-lite’ Valorbound checks in with updates on models, gear, and its extraction gameplay focus

It has been two years since we heard word about Valorbound, so let us review before we dive in to some of the latest....

Geodia is a top-down pixel art ‘2-D HD’ MMORPG headed to Kickstarter soon

A new MMO has begun making the rounds on Reddit by the name of Geodia, which promises a pixel art, top down, old-school MMORPG...

TwoKinds Online, the MMO based on a webcomic, is going offline to replace its networking platform

Do you remember TwoKinds Online? It was an indie MMORPG built on SpatialOS with an interesting source of inspiration, taking the 19 year-old webcomic...

Open Tibia-built MMO Ravendawn revamps its reputation system as its final alpha goes live

People are complex, but MMO characters can sometimes feel pretty one-note, especially when a reputation system paints those characters with a single brush. Ravendawn,...