Open Tibia-built MMO Ravendawn revamps its reputation system as its final alpha goes live


People are complex, but MMO characters can sometimes feel pretty one-note, especially when a reputation system paints those characters with a single brush. Ravendawn, the pixel art MMO built on Open Tibia (you know, the one that called itself a true MMORPG), is looking to change that with a revamp to its reputation system, allowing player decisions to affect various aspects of their character’s reputation and overall alignment with the game world.

Choices made during quests, dynamic events, and interactions with NPCs will now push characters along one of three paths – Order, Mercenary, or Criminal. Each of these three paths have unique abilities that players can unlock as they go, and all three paths are available to players from the jump, meaning a mixture of these abilities can be earned if players gain enough reputation points.

“No person is simply good or simply evil. Everyone is a complex being and this is reflected in our Reputation System,” the post lauds. “You are not locked into simply one reputation path, and will likely progress your character through each path to some degree, while you may indeed focus more on whichever path you choose with your actions.”

This new reputation is part of the game’s final alpha build, which went live for backers yesterday. Timing for this alpha test round wasn’t elaborated on, but the announcement heralds the looming horizon of beta testing.

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