Open Tibia pixel art MMO Ravendawn posts its new official trailer

I'll take 'Poor Choice Of Words' for 800, Alex.

So Ravendawn has posted its new official trailer, and it’s excited to claim right in its Twitter announcement that it’s bringing back what makes a true MMORPG. All of those other (presumably fake) MMORPGs will now promptly grow spider legs, hiss, and scuttle away behind a large cabinet. Hopefully, you’ll be finding the trailer with its voiceover and animated concept art to be too compelling to bother chasing after them with a flamethrower. Priorities, right?

The trailer itself contains no gameplay footage (we’ve included one of the earlier trailers so you can see the gameplay), although we would remind our readers once again that Ravendawn is an explicitly retro title built with Open Tibia, meaning that it is strongly based upon the (still-extant) Tibia in terms of graphics, interaction, and mechanics. And hey, if that’s your jam, you’ve got something to look forward to with the game’s ongoing testing and its new trailer. It’ll be the most Ravendawn game you ever play, of that we can be reasonably confident.

Source: Twitter
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