Retro MMORPG Ravendawn offers up a list of updates for its impending third alpha


Remember Ravendawn? It’s a retro-styled MMORPG built on Open Tibia that we reported on in April of this year. The game has since had its first alpha in July for diamond backers, decided that it would try that whole infamy system for PvP balance, and shared 30 uncut minutes of gameplay from pre-alpha.

It’s been a hot minute since the game arrived to our newsroom, but we’re bringing it back to the fore as the devs have released a new development update post, noting a number of features coming to the MMORPG in its third alpha build. Players will soon get to use new hotkeys for various UI features, utilize specific inventories for special and quest items, take in the sights of various new enemy and effect visuals, and look forward to a variety of bug fixes among other things.

As for when the game’s third alpha will kick off, there’s still no hard date yet, but the announcement does confirm that gold tier supporters of the project will be included in this alpha build. If that’s you, then you’ve got some update notes to read.

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