Old-school MMORPG Ravendawn has a whole lot in common with Tibia


If you’ve been reading the MMORPG subreddit lately, you’ll know that the mods there are making an attempt to feature indie MMO developers and games. But the first game highlighted through this new initiative, Ravendawn, has already sparked controversy. It’s apparently been in development since 2017 for PC with mobile support, and if you like how Tibia looks, you’re really going to like this one a lot since it seems to be built using Open Tibia, prompting Redditors to accuse it of being a ripoff at worst and merely a private server at best, while the devs have defended their work, stating, “All our work is completely our own, we are our own IP and Cipsoft has no grounds on any of our work.” No good deed, eh?

In any case, the art style and slanted perspective seem to be an acquired taste regardless. “Our art direction for Ravendawn has been to pay homage to two childhood games for us, Ultima Online & Tibia’s art styles, while having our own modern illustrated twist to the style,” Living Phoenix Entertainment writes. “Ravendawn’s gameplay however is a dramatically different experience from all of these games. Much more akin to a hybrid of the best parts of modern MMORPGs and oldschool MMORPGs alike. Our mission with Ravendawn is to reignite a nostalgic isometric art style focusing on depth of gameplay, community and unique character design over empty graphics.”

The press kit on the official website has a timeline putting alpha for Q1 (already passed), closed beta for Q2, and release for Q3 of this year, but the devs on Reddit says the game is now “approaching public alpha” that will be “comparable to most projects betas” – that they aren’t “rushing the release.” According to the official website, the finished project will include houses, a player economy, a political system, and a unique PvP loot system. We’ve tucked the screenies and new trailer down below.


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So long as they aren’t stealing assets or code, or violating the licensing of an engine, and I don’t know whether that’s the case, it seems a weird thing to get upset about. No one is forcing anyone to buy it, and there are so many games that are just clones and ripoffs of other games. Stardew Valley is Harvest Moon, and there are now a pile of games that have jumped on that bandwagon with the same art style and mechanics. I also didn’t have a problem with the idea of people selling mods for Bethesda games though, so maybe I’m weird. If people put a lot of time and effort into something, asking for money in exchange for it is reasonable.

Calien McCarthy

So the art assets and likely the game engine are clearly straight from Tibia. There’s no denying it. Everything down to how the sprites move and the texture of the floor tiles is identical.

That being said, Tibia doesn’t have most of the stuff shown here. And the combat seems to be quite different. Of course I don’t know if this is a good thing. Tibia’s skill based system was slow, but it allowed you to fight enemies well beyond what you should have been able to fight.

I wouldn’t call the game a private server. There’s quite a bit different from the base game and I’m seeing things I never saw on private servers, like resource harvesting and animal husbandry. Of course I haven’t played private servers in years so I could just not have seen them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I don’t know if I’d get too attached to this one as it looks right now folks. I fully expect the engine and art assets to be pulled out from under it. I’ve played Tibia for years, and without context, those are screenshots of Tibia. Even most of the video. My buddy looked over my shoulder halfway through and asked if that was a release teaser for a new patch in Tibia.

Dug From The Earth

yet another unfinished mmorpg wanting you to pay money before its finished

Dont care how cool it looks, I cant be the only one tired of getting screwed over by games like this that require me to pay, only to never come out of beta, or if/when they do release, are nothing of what they promised to be.

Charging people to beta test your game is completely bass ackwards.

Brinto Sfj

Would it not be cool if instead of giving “AAA” companies more money, Epic would rather open a service aimed at indie devs/small time devs where Epic pays them to make their dream games and keeps them responsible and on schedule so that they finish and deliver the game? They are wasting the money by giving them to “AAA” companies anyways, why not give it to indie/small time devs instead? They could create jobs in this bad climate and at the same time, get some much needed cheer for disgruntled gamers.

Vanquesse V

I’d rather not have any more early access MMOs, but it’s not like there are a lot of great alternatives at the moment judging by what’s being put out.