Dauntless introduces a new cell and adjusts the reward cache in latest update


When Dauntless put out its last update, it adjusted the way wounding works (and arguably made the war pike weapon that inflicts wounds extremely valuable). With the most recent update, wound-hunting players have a new reason to cheer thanks to the addition of the Relentless cell, which increases the duration of the aether charged buff players receive when hitting a wound by 20% at level one and 50% at level six.

In addition to this new cell, the latest patch has also adjusted the recently added reward cache, doing away with the Ancient Crystals currency, swapping out the one weekly challenge and four daily challenges with four weekly challenges and one daily challenge, and reducing the costs of weapon skins, armor skins, and emotes. The update has also made a few fixes to several aspects of the game overall; those details can be read in the patch notes.

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