Final Fantasy XI brings its Harvest Festival around once more on October 25


October is the month to be spooky, but the bright side of Final Fantasy XI’s long existence is that it has had plenty of time to already refine and perfect its spooky fall event and get everything into a reliable state. That means that players who have been accustomed to the Harvest Festival will probably find the event rather familiar when it rolls around on October 25th once again; on the other hand, players who are still chasing down rewards from the event will have another chance with this year’s go-around.

Players can expect familiar fun prizes like spooky hats, costumes, and plentiful candy while dispensing treats to NPCs, performing special actions upon others, and competing to show off the most frightening possible costume. It’s familiar content, but it’s also a welcome experience just the same. Just make sure to use your time during the festival efficiently, as it lasts until November 8th.


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