Ravendawn pegs first alpha phase to July 27 for top-end supporter pack buyers


Over the last few seasons, we’ve been keeping an eye on Ravendawn, a new MMORPG built on Open Tibia. It’s meant as an homage to the art styles of classic isometric MMOs, but with a mix of modern mechanics. “Our mission with Ravendawn is to reignite a nostalgic isometric art style focusing on depth of gameplay, community and unique character design over empty graphics,” the devs wrote in April.

And this week, we got a hard date for the first phase of what looks to be a five-phase alpha: July 27th. However, the only guaranteed way into the test right now is through the supporter packs on the website, and the only way into alpha phase 1 appears to the be through the top-tier “diamond” pack, which is running around $95 US right now. Cheaper packs include access later on in the process.

There’s a new trailer for the occasion that’ll show you what you’re getting into.

Source: Twitter
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