Dual Universe highlights an asteroid tracker and a landing pad for character butts, holds a Q&A session


Walking around in the world of Dual Universe has got to be tiring, but up until now the only seat your poor avatar could have would be in the cockpit of whatever spacecraft you built or purchased. With the game’s upcoming Apollo update, that’s going to change with the intervention of the “chair surface element,” which effectively looks like a landing pad for your avatar’s tuchus. Soon, players will be able to place this element on nearly any flat surface to make it a seat while also giving “coming in for a landing” a whole new meaning.

Square ass cushions aren’t the only thing that the Apollo update will bring, however. There will also be a Deep Space Asteroid Tracker, a medium-large element placable on any dynamic construct that lets players track and find asteroids in deep space. Hence the name. Word on when both of these pieces of high tech are coming isn’t available yet, but we at least know they’re on the way.

In other DU news, the devs have posted the answers to a Q&A session that outlines some of the sandbox’s future update plans. The answers include confirmation that org changes are not coming with the Apollo update; word that the Apollo update will introduce PvP balance changes, bug fixes, and the introduction of shields; confirmation that future releases will have heavy PvP focus; and plans to add a timer that counts down to a point when a player’s location while mining an asteroid in a PvP area is broadcast to others. Currently, the timer is set for four hours, which the devs suspect is enough to mine most of the valuable resources but not fully deplete an asteroid, while the purpose of this timer is to provide “interesting collaboration mechanics.”

source: Twitter (1, 2), official forums

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