Ravendawn shares over 30 minutes of uncut pre-alpha gameplay footage


Are you curious to learn whether the in-development old-school MMORPG Ravendawn is as much of a Tibia lookalike as Redditors claim? Then perhaps you can make up your own mind thanks to 30 minutes of uncut pre-alpha gameplay footage. Or you can just get a look at what this game is all about divorced of Redditor banshee wailing.

The video offers a lengthy and commentary-free look at how gameplay in Ravendawn works at this stage as the player takes up quests, wanders the open world, and gets absolutely mobbed by foes. Don’t worry, though, the demo character is a mage who has lots of PBAoE spells in her arsenal, and the monsters very helpfully surround her to make her life easier (and theirs much shorter).

On the subject of the game’s development, the Living Phoenix dev team is seeking an additional quest and story writer for those who are eager to help out the sandbox MMO’s development. Otherwise, you can get a look at how said development is going with the footage below.


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Calien McCarthy

I’m sorry, but it’s even worse than I originally thought. Is that the Venore/Carlin Valkyrie camp at 13 minutes? Like seriously, that layout, the towers, the plateaus, the enemies wandering in-between, it’s nearly identical. The only difference is they populated it with green things.


Two things bother me:

1. The perspective, after playing games like Diablo 2, Age of Empires 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3, this Tibia-like perspective just looks disgusting to me.

2. The lack of attack animations – the character shoots arrows or fire balls and they just come out of his chest. I hope that’s temporary and there will be some animation in the future.

I don’t know if it used point-and-click for movement or WASD/Arrow Keys, but if it doen’t have point-and-click that’s another reason I don’t like it.


Lol the little time they have put in on art you wouldn’t expect boob physic.


Before you consider giving this thing a chance, check out the monetization scheme for their last game, ArchLight. They say Ravendawn has a different development team, but the CEO is the same, so it’s pretty much a given they’re going to be using the so called Ravencards to implement character progression paygates.

Hopefully I’m wrong, but honestly… with past experiences in mind, you can see the good ol’ p2w coming to this one too.

Bruno Brito

It’s absolutely a Tibia look-alike, what the hell? It’s actually scary how much of it looks like ripped-off Tibia. I’m going with my eye-o-meter so i can be wrong but what i recall of Tibia, this is literally carbon copying.

EDIT: I went through the older thread, because i missed it, and clearly it uses Open Tibia. Sigh. Look, nothing about this project inspires confidence to me, but hey, if it’s legal, i hope they succeed? Or whatever.