Open Perpetuum targets boss camping with time limitations


Open Perpetuum’s strongholds have proven to be a popular features for the sandbox MMO, but that doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. The volunteer dev team acknowledges that there’s been some issues with boss spawn camping that’s made the experience somewhat miserable for all involved, so some significant changes have been made to address this.

Now, players have a limited amount of time that they can spend in any given stronghold. Once the timer runs out, poof, the player is yank back to their home base. “This ensures every player gets a fair shot,” is the word from on high.

Another nice quality-of-life improvement to Open Perpetuum is the addition of an intel channel that will announce where bosses have spawned all over the game world. “Spawn announcements will have a random delay to add some advantage to those more adventurous agents, but kill messages will be instant so there will never be a boss reported as alive that is not,” the team said.


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Kero Kero

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to play this game. I wonder if the playerbase is healthy enough to explore it now. Last time I checked in was 5years ago.