EverQuest II invites players to test the newest incarnation of Tinkerfest


How do you feel about tinkering? If your answer is “ambivalent to negative,” you may want to just move on; EverQuest II is trying out some additions to its Tinkerfest event, and well, those additions involve tinkering. But if you have positive feelings about tinkering, this will be great news, and you should immediately make your way to the game’s test server to tinker with the tinkering that the developers have done to Tinkerfest. Tinker, tinker, tinker.

Special rule servers will have access to a new merchant selling rewards from the event and access to as much of the event as current expansion progress will allow, while the live servers have a new adventure quest, a new crafting quest, and a new dungeon. There’s even a new mount available for successfully tinkering your way through the new Tinkerfest tinkering content. It is impossible not to feel like you’re overusing the word “tinker” in the context of this event, but if you want to tin… er… tool around in the new content before it goes live on June 2nd, hop on the test servers.

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