Pantheon Rise of the Fallen talks stats, art style, character death, and 2024 plans in new Q&A

This week saw yet another Q&A video from the devs of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, and once again the questions that were asked...

Mad World issues dev blogs about pets and gems while continuing to crank out preview videos

It's been another couple of months since we peeked in on Mad World, so it's about time we circled back around to Jandisoft's socials...

Graphical woodland critter MUD Farwoods outlines how it’s making the bandit life a little easier

Remember Farwoods? It's a self-described graphical MUD that casts players as woodland critters of various kinds to live out a digital life that we...
I'll take 'Poor Choice Of Words' for 800, Alex.

Open Tibia pixel art MMO Ravendawn posts its new official trailer

So Ravendawn has posted its new official trailer, and it's excited to claim right in its Twitter announcement that it's bringing back what makes...
Oh, oh, oh.

Alpha testing is ongoing now for Magic: Legends

It's testing time for Magic: Legends! Everyone (who was specifically invited to the test) gets to try out Magic: Legends! The information is available...

Fractured starts its next alpha test today

The original plan for Fractured was to kick off its next alpha testing session on July 16th. That didn't happen, unfortunately; bugs cropped up...
No custom.

The Daily Grind: What’s the most coveted MMO alpha or beta you’ve ever gotten into?

At the time I write this, we do not yet know who will get into the first test phase for World of Warcraft's upcoming...

Ashes of Creation shares the lore and the development of the Scalerunner mount

Ashes of Creation is adding a new mount, and as is often the case when this happens, there's a big ol' lore dump that...
Slightly higher than zero.

Population Zero plans a new playtest to go live on December 23

Good news, Population Zero fans, a new playtest is coming! More specifically, it's coming on December 23rd. And that's all the details we have at...

Ashes of Creation talks architecture and building tools in the newest dev diaries video

The latest entry in Ashes of Creation's ongoing dev diaries video series is out, and following in the vein of its predecessor, which gave...

Pantheon’s newsletter teases Project Faerthale development progress and previews the North Tusk Orcs

The folks at Visionary Realms are still chugging along on Pantheon's Project Faerthale, which aims to provide testers with their first glimpse at the...

Chronicles of Elyria’s website now allows title transfers, title trade-ins, and package claiming

Those who are invested in Chronicles of Elyria in both the mental and fiscal sense now have a few new options open to them...
I node what I node.

Ashes of Creation explains the process for advancing and demolishing Nodes throughout the game world

Nodes are the central building block for Ashes of Creation, and seeing them level up or level down is a big element of what makes...

The Daily Grind: When does an in-development MMO become real to you?

Call me a cranky old person if you wish, but a game goes from "nice idea and/or tech demo" to "actual MMO" when it's...

Prosperous Universe prepares to release its new game world this Friday

It's the end of the world as Prosperous Universe players know it, but they should feel fine, as out of the Big Bang of...

Breach hands out free keys to existing players to give to friends

Depending on who you talk to, the folks behind Breach are either feeling extremely generous, are nearing a full free-to-play launch, or are trying...

The Division 2 elaborates on skills and specializations

If you're going to try to take back Washington D.C., you're going to need some skills to do it, and the agents of The...

CIG summarizes development progress for Squadron 42

Considering the perceptual glacial pace of development for Squadron 42, it's pretty easy to assume that the folks at CIG are sitting on their...
Slash heal.

Crowfall takes inventory in its latest dev diary

Ahh, the humble inventory. It's a feature often taken for granted in MMOs; after all, you've gotta have somewhere to keep all of that...

MMO battle royale title Mavericks previews its plans for early 2019

It's been a little while since we last heard from Automaton Games's ambitious open-world battle-royale shooter Mavericks at E3 2018, but it would appear...