Mad World issues dev blogs about pets and gems while continuing to crank out preview videos


It’s been another couple of months since we peeked in on Mad World, so it’s about time we circled back around to Jandisoft’s socials and website to find the latest. We’ll begin by noting that, no, there is still no launch date outside of the previously stated 2023 release window. What we have instead are dev blogs and more videos.

Mid-January saw a post detailing the gem system, which is effectively replacing the amplification stones that were in the ARPG previously, along with the addition of orbs that confer “exceptional options.” The most recent blog from this month talked about Mad World’s pet system, outlining the ways pets are obtained, grown, and cared for. And yes, you can indeed pet the dog. Or the spiky lizard. Or the skull-faced hellbeast as the case may be.

Meanwhile, recent posts from Jandisoft are once again focused on several video previews of bosses, locations, and even more audiobook and soundtrack videos. The most recent video is also reminding followers that the setting of Mad World is pretty grim. Just in case that wasn’t already abundantly clear.

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube
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