Mad World is done but slips to 2023 anyway, without Netmarble publishing


Here’s a classic case of good news/bad news for any Mad World fans out there. In a recent AMA, Jandisoft said that while development on the grimdark MMO is complete, it’s not going to make its projected December launch (just in case you were holding out hope for a Christmas miracle).

“The development is complete and we’re preparing for the testing and services,” the studio said. “We’re working hard on the first mass update after the release. The release version is complete. We’re working on the final test and translations.”

Another big change is that Netmarble is no longer publishing Mad World. Rather, Jandisoft said that it will handle that by itself. The studio had originally announced the Netmarble partnership back in 2019.

The launched version will come with five acts’ worth of content, 100 levels, and “raids, guild competition/economic features, phantom training grounds, and arenas.”

Jandisoft also said that while a Steam version “is in the works” but may be delayed past the actual release of the game. After the launch of Mad World on PC, a mobile version should be forthcoming: “The mobile version controls are fun, and it could be better than the PC version. Please look forward to it. Our goal is to make it sync a few months after the PC version is released. We will make sure it gets published.”

In the meanwhile, you can check out some of the newest videos showing off Mad World’s various dark locales:

Source: Mad World via MMO Bomb
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