CIG summarizes development progress for Squadron 42


Considering the perceptual glacial pace of development for Squadron 42, it’s pretty easy to assume that the folks at CIG are sitting on their hands. According to a recent newsletter from the devs, that wouldn’t appear to be the case, as it outlines a number of development progress reports.

The newsletter gets in to some of the nuts and bolts of various system updates for Squadron 42, including character modeling, threat detection behavior for AI, and performance refinements for multi-CPU machines among other things. The letter also brings word on improving inter-team communication, with the game’s design team split up into four different boxes in order for designers to work more closely with other teams associated with their part of the game.

What the newsletter doesn’t provide, however, is any new word on a release date for Squadron 42, which is still looking to start its beta in 2020.

Source: official newsletter, thanks to DK for the tip!
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