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Massively OP Podcast Episode 292: Burning down the Amazon gameforest

Justin and Bree discuss Crucible, Star Trek Online, Black Desert, FFXIV, Star Citizen, WoW, MMO Halloween, and new games from CCP and Zenimax, with adventures in LOTRO, WoW, SWG Legends, and Torchlight III, plus an audio mailbag topic on ragequitting.

Chris Roberts talks up Star Citizen and Squadron 42’s future, likening development to the Apollo project

As part of the ongoing eight year birthday of Star Citizen's launch (of alpha development), Chris Roberts tapped out a lengthy letter...

Star Citizen’s AMA confirms Squadron 42 has ‘a ways to go’ before beta, will be ‘done when it is done’

The question that's been on the lips of the Star Citizen community for the past several months has been in relation to

Squadron 42 outlines continuing work on fleshing out the Vanduul in the latest update newsletter

The latest update newsletter from Squadron 42 is very much about its alien lifeforms. A number of team segments are working on...

Squadron 42 heads back to the mocap studio, fleshes out aliens, and fills out narrative lulls

August was busy not just for the devs of Star Citizen but also for the team working on the single-player Squadron 42,...

Star Citizen video and AMA discuss environmental art, rocks, and throwing all the things

Star Citizen's been back in the headlines this week for all the wrong reasons - weird Squadron 42 communication mishaps, pixelships, and huge...

CIG basically just released a preview of Squadron 42’s roadmap progress

OK, OK, you can put your pitchforks down - or maybe just set them to the side for a while as you read the...

Star Citizen promotes its latest buyable ship, stays mum on Squadron 42 progress

Star Citizen is having a busy August, what with the release of alpha 3.10 and breaking last year's sales records and...
ha ha moneymaking go brrrrrrrrrr

Star Citizen espouses the virtues of PTU testing, takes a look at cargo deck progress, new weapons, and fires

The weekly video from Star Citizen is online with another bundle of new details for fans to digest. At least, the second...

Star Citizen brings new flight models, new weapons, and a plushie penguin in alpha 3.10

Alpha 3.10 is now live in Star Citizen, bringing with it a whole lot of important changes. Chief among them is the...

Squadron 42 news delay is chalked up to developing a new roadmap and a video that wasn’t up to standard

Earlier in the week we reported on a Reddit post that wondered aloud what was happening with Squadron 42's development. CIG has...

Star Citizen fans call on CIG to post an update on Squadron 42 development progress

A post on the Star Citizen subreddit has been growing in traction in recent days, putting into perspective an abject lack of...

CIG’s Articles of Association reveal a partnership that might mean VR for Star Citizen or console launch for Squadron 42

A poster on the Star Citizen subreddit has played an intriguing game of connect the dots that might mean some interesting things...

Star Citizen turns its lights on and off, shows off yoga outfits, and plays with gas clouds

This week's video for Star Citizen might not be an attention-grabbing bundle of information for some. Oh, sure, it has some things to...

Star Citizen confirms Fleet Week, Theaters of War testing, and Squadron 42 updates this month

The month of May is looking to be a pretty loaded one for Star Citizen fans as CIG has posted a little...

Star Citizen puts an end to surprise sandwiches, shows off comm calls in Squadron 42

Star Citizen released its alpha 3.9 this week, and with it came a rather interesting bug: Whenever someone would quick-buy a food...

Star Citizen studio Cloud Imperium just picked up another $17.25M from investors

Looks like Star Citizen and Squadron 42 company Cloud Imperium just got a bit more rope, as its investor groups have...

Star Citizen shows off a new contextual UI element, new weapons, and more of its prison

Even though the novel coronavirus has caused most of the folks at CIG to work from home, the Star Citizen devs are still...

CIG offers an update on Squadron 42 progress, plans changes to the game’s roadmap

Most of the news surrounding Squadron 42 has been mired in the legal battle between CIG and Crytek, but now that the...

CIG fires back in response to Crytek’s request to pause Squadron 42 lawsuit

Earlier this month we reported on a request from Crytek to halt its ongoing breach of contract lawsuit against Star Citizen studio...